Services & Support

Sales and Project Management

The sales team keeps customers informed at every step of the process, from providing samples of vast array of materials, to indicating timelines of manufacturing and installation, to addressing any concerns along the way.  You can count on timely and informative updates throughout your elevator interior upgrade project..


Safety is important.  To the highest degree possible, our management and sales teams as well as our manufacturing group and installers work to guarantee the safety of each other and those around them.  Our internal safety protocol works to ensure that all employees make it home at the end of the day.

Employees are continuously trained, receiving accreditation certificates towards safety compliance and which are monitored by our two Safety Officers.  We are a good standing participant in (COR) Certificate of Recognition Partnerships in Injury Reduction.

We thrive to keep our Clients and Employees safe at all times and take pride in knowing that we are doing so.


CEI has an in-house dedicated design team here to assist in choosing the materials, colors and configuration for the interior which best suits the needs of the client and the needs of the building. Decisions such as colors, materials, configuration, maintenance, durability and budget all play an important roll and can sometimes be overwhelming.


CEI uses a wide range of manufacturing processes, from a full architectural steel metal shop to a finished carpentry wood facility.  Keeping all the manufacturing of the finished product in house cuts down on lead times and increases the level of quality.


Our installation team consists of experienced professionals with a highly cultivated set of skills specific to the elevator world.  CEI’s installers come from a variety of construction and related backgrounds before being trained in a specialized program in elevator interior installation, which introduces all installers to the Elevator Safety Code, and to all the necessary techniques and tools for dealing with elevators and lifts.   The entire team is devoted to the highest standards of quality and safety.  Each individual takes great pride in his work, as CEI takes great pride in its professional installers.

Quality Control

We are committed to quality.  The quality of our product, the quality of our service and the quality of our people.  We use quality as a marker to support our excellence.

Product quality refers to the finished material we provide and install.  It is always of pristine condition, free from defects, manufactured with tight tolerances and installed with the up most care.

Service quality is in direct relation on how we serve our clients and how we serve each other.  By fulfilling commitments, minimizing disruptions and staying on schedule, helps us achieve quality of service.

The quality of our people; We work hard to equip each other and those around us with the tools necessary to succeed in business and in life.

Maintenance & Cleaning

In addition to undertaking complete installations, CEI offers maintenance and repair on all elevator interior materials and finishes.  With a professional group of specialized mobile technicians, CEI offers rapid response to avoid elevator downtimes.  CEI’s techs will get your stainless steel shining like new with their nine-stage buffing and polishing process; replace your damaged panels by matching the existing materials; swap out broken glass or mirrors; or meet any other needs, be it on a one-time basis or by setting up a maintenance contract.  Call us today!